Firefly Media Server scrobbling support

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Continuing my Roku Soundbridge Radio mt-daapd project, I decided I wanted to add audioscrobbler support to submit plays to my profile. With some help from a thread on the Firefly forums I've been able to achieve this using lastfmsubmitd and a fairly simple script. Here's how to do it if you're using Ubuntu (Hardy Heron).Everything apart from the installation of lastfmsubmitd should be the same with most other distros.

Running multiple instances of Firefly Media Server

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I recently bought the fantastic Roku Soundbridge Radio for streaming internet radio and MP3s over the network. It works really well and is a welcome replacement for the old CD player in the kitchen. For the backend server (running on my MythTV box) I'm running the open-source Firefly Media Server which uses the DAAP protocol. After setting it up I discovered I really needed two servers; one for my own collection of MP3s and one for my partners. After a bit of googling and a couple of hours fiddling I now have two seperate mt-daapd processes running, serving up two collections of MP3s. This guide was written using Ubuntu Hardy Heron but it should be pretty easy to adapt to other versions of Ubuntu or other distros.

British Sea Power on Canvey Island

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[G2:3425 class=g2image_float_right]After recording a song dedicated to the Canvey Island floods of 1953 on their 'Do You Like Rock Music?' album British Sea Power were invited to play at the Monico Hotel on Canvey Island. The gig was an intimate show for fans and locals and was filmed for the BBC's The Culture Show. The gig culminating in a collaboration with Canvey Islander Wilko Johnson for an extended version of Dr. Feelgood's 'She Does It Right'.

Rob & Charlotte's Wedding and farewell to 2007!

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Once again another year has raced by and it's time to reflect on all the things we planned and failed to achieve this year...

December has been a busy month with the usual meals, drinks and general Christmas festivities. The beginning of the month saw MSXi move offices from Lexden in the outskirts of Colchester to the Octagon building near the town centre. Much of the month has seen confusion over travel arrangements, parking spaces etc.

I spent a four days in Antwerp, Belgium for Europe's premier Java developers conference, Javapolis. The quality of the speakers seemed much higher than the previous year, probably largely due to the presence of such luminaries as James Gosling, Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter. Antwerp seems like a nice city but sadly we again did not find time to explore.

[G2:3152 class=g2image_float_left]The day after returning from Antwerp was Rob & Charlotte's wedding in Rayne, Braintree. The ceremony was held in a very nice church in Rayne but sadly I left my camera in the car so did not get any photos. The reception was held in Bocking village hall where myself, James and Matt were in charge of the music. For those not there you sadly missed what will probably be the only time I play Bon Jovi's 'Living On A Prayer'!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and hope you have a Happy New Year!

Hello World!

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Hello! It's hard to know what to write for a first post, but I suppose a good start would be to explain the purpose of the site.

Primarily this is a place for me to share my photo collection. I'm forever promising to share photos with family and friends but never wanted to commit to one of the big photo sharing sites. Initially I've uploaded some photos from the past year or so. Gradually I plan to work back through my photo collection uploading some of the more interesting albums. My digital collection goes back to about 2003 after which it would be time to dust off the scanner!

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Noteworthy albums so far include Glastonbury 2007, New Year in Prague and Truck 2006. The photos are all tagged and the gallery home page shows a tag cloud so you shouldn't have any trouble finding pictures of particular people or places.

I'm not much of a blogger but no doubt I'll find this a useful place to share my thoughts from time to time. Some posts may well relate to my work in software and web development. If you want to stay informed of updates you can subscribe to the RSS Updates feed for new posts or the RSS Gallery feed for new photo albums.

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